Jovan  Balov




The paintings of Jovan Balov deviate from the principles of America hyper/photo realism in as much that he does not use one photograph to convey the image or emotion of a model. Jovan Balov´s portraits rely on four different photographs that communicate four different emotions. Undetectable by a plain eye, these realistic convey simultaneously four different emotions.  

In the process of creating a portrait, Balov brings to life not only various emotional states of his model, but delves into portraying their personal psychologies and visual psychosis with such realism rendering the final image as both realistic and unrealistic. Although Jovan Balov´s images have photographic precision it is through his unique painting and technique style that become more alive as led by his desire to modernize traditional painting, make it engaged, and through it to bring to life each person´s many true but separate identities