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I live in Berlin

Berlin in Skopje

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"Me in Berlin",


"Ich in Berlin",



Questions: What is Berlin?  Who am I in Berlin?
Answers: St. George?  The horse?  The dragon?


My first contact with Berlin was made through the city architecture. I walked through the streets of  Berlin, reading the history of the city as written in its architectural ornament. Familiarizing myself with architectural decoration of Berlin, I experienced its history in stages: gothic, baroque, neoclassicism, Bauhaus? Researching the well known, city monuments, I discovered a beautiful, neoclassical monument, "St.George Killing the Dragon" 1865 (August Kiss 1802-1865, Spreeufer, Nikolaiviertel).

In this monumental, bronze sculpture, the drama is shown through the subtle relations among its participants. The most important issues related to the city and my experience of it as someone who lives there are found in this sculpture. Those were the starting motives for the realization of my digital Painting series "Me in Berlin".









"Ich in Berlin", 18 x Dygital-Prints, 2000/2001




2001 - Dresden, Kulturhaus Dresden                                       2002- Bitola, Makedonien, "Stadt Galerie - Bitola"