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Elena Orovcanec Spiroska


(Vest, 21.11.2001) - Exhibition "Multilog" of German and Macedonian authors is ongoing in 

Art Gallery "Daut Pasa Amam".


German artists Ingeborg Fuelep, Heiko Dacksl, Bernhart Garbert and Birgit Maria Wolf and Macedonian artists Jovan Balov, Zaneta Vangeli and Ismet Ramikevik have set projects, objects, installations, video, photographs...

"Multilog" is an exhibition that develops a dialog between two cultures, ways of thinking, interaction and creation, exhibition in which artists express their individual attitudes and ways of thinking about the problems that the West and East are faced with. The entire concept hides the message of eternal falls and new beginnings, about the eternal fight against destruction, eternal existence of the sacred...


... The project of Jovan Balov "You and I" presents the angel of the Berlin Cathedral from 5 different angles that are set opposite to the 5 official political maps of the countries on the Balkan Peninsula. In his work, the angel is the one that wins, overcoming the differences, as a lighting point that carries hope and divine strength for permanent new beginnings...


"Multilog" is an exhibition that is conceptually well created, and does not leave any space for improvisations. It can be easily set in the greatest world art centres. This exhibition is an antithesis of the current position of the West: that East is something nomad-like, something destructive and self-destructive.




Vesna Ivanovska

(Dnevnik, 15.11.2001) - The goal of the exhibition is to create a dialog between the Macedonian and German art scene. -

Seven Macedonian and German artists will present their works at exhibition “Multilog”, which will be opened in Art Gallery “Skopje”-Daut Pasa Amam at 19,30h this evening. The project includes Jovan Balov, Zaneta Vangeli and Ismet Ramicevik from Macedonia and Ingeborg Fuelep, Heiko Dacksl, Bernhard Garbert and Birgit Maria Wolf from Germany.


German Ambassador to Macedonia Werner Buckhart will open the exhibition. Macedonian Ministry of Culture and the Institute for Cooperation with Foreign Countries from Berlin (IFA) realize the project, as part of the cooperation between the fraternized cities Nuremberg, Dresden and Skopje. According to commissioner of the exhibition and custodian in the Art Gallery Menka Karapashova, “Multilog” (communication among several subjects) should show the condition of the multi-layer and subjective communication. “We decided to organise a joint exhibition after we had visited Bernhard Garbert’s atelier in Berlin, and contacted several artists that live and work in Germany. We wanted for the exhibition to be set in the new exhibition space at the Cifte Amam, but our plans changed. The goal of the exhibition is for artists to get to know each other and to create a dialog between the Macedonian and German art scene”, Karapashovska said at Wednesday’s press conference.

Director of the Art Gallery Viktorija Vaseva-Dimeska said that the project deserved attention and was included in the framework of the Day of Tolerance (November 16). “We gave a lot of space to the exhibition. We withdrew the national exhibition temporarily, but this is done all over the world. In the meantime, the permanent exhibition will be refreshed with some new artworks”.

“Multilog” will last until December 5. This is a reciprocal exhibition- it will be set in an exclusive space in Berlin (location still unknown) in the following year. Artists, especially German ones, are thrilled by the space of the exhibition.

..Domestic artist Jovan Balov, who lives and works in Berlin, presents the face of the angel on the Berlin Cathedral from 5 different angles, and then compares it with the politic maps of the Balkan Peninsula, seen from the 5 Balkan states: Macedonia, Greece, Bulgaria, Albania and Yugoslavia...“The Berlin Cathedral was bombarded during World War II. The entire object was destroyed, but only the angel stayed”, Balov said...

Authors think that despite the individual artistic vocations, “Multilog” is a platform for new ways of joint action. Daut Pasa Amam, the warm bath, becomes a laboratory, where their thoughts, creative positions and work expressions relax the creative energies.